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Trucking Services in North America

Discover a full spectrum of freight trucking solutions customized to your business requirements with LCS Logistics Solutions. Our extensive range of services spans from standard Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipments to specialized heavy haul operations. Whether you’re transporting small parcels or oversized cargo, our ground and air freight options guarantee efficient and dependable transportation throughout North America. Explore our trucking services below to find the perfect solution for your logistics needs.

Trucking Services

At LCS Logistics Solutions, our trucking services cover a wide range of options tailored to meet your transportation needs:

  1. Standard LTL (Less-Than-Truckload): Cost-effective solutions for smaller shipments.
  2. Full Truckload (FTL): Dedicated truck services for larger shipments.
  3. Expedited Trucking Services: Fast and reliable transportation for time-sensitive shipments.
  4. Refrigerated Transport: Temperature-controlled solutions for perishable goods.
  5. Flatbed Trucking Services: Ideal for oversized or irregularly shaped cargo.
  6. Heavy Haul: Specialized equipment and expertise for transporting heavy or oversized loads.
  7. Air Ride Trucking Services: Ensuring delicate cargo travels smoothly.
  8. Refrigerated Trucking Services: Climate-controlled transport for temperature-sensitive products.
  9. Heated Road Shipping: Protecting your goods from freezing temperatures.

Unique Solutions

LCS Logistics Solutions stands out with our unique ability to seamlessly integrate both LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) and Parcel services, offering unmatched efficiency and cost-effectiveness that is not readily available from other asset providers. Our comprehensive coverage across Canada and the United States is achieved through strategic carrier partnerships, ensuring your freight reaches its destination seamlessly and without hassle. 
This integrated approach allows us to provide flexible and reliable shipping solutions tailored to your specific needs, while maintaining the highest standards of service and delivery.

Heavy Haul Expertise

Transporting oversized loads or heavy equipment requires specialized knowledge and experience. At LCS Logistics Solutions, we possess the necessary expertise, equipment, and logistics capabilities to handle heavy haul shipments with precision and care. Each heavy haul is treated as a unique project, receiving dedicated attention to ensure safe and on-time delivery. Trust our experienced team to manage your heavy haul needs effectively, ensuring your valuable cargo arrives securely at its destination.

Trucklord Services

LCS Logistics Solutions’ Trucklord services offer a comprehensive range of truckload options across North America. We provide both standard and expedited services to meet your specific shipping needs. Whether you’re transporting hazardous goods, or require transportation for solid and liquid chemicals, our experienced team is well-prepared to handle your freight with professionalism and efficiency.

With our extensive network and logistics capabilities, you can rely on us for safe and timely delivery of your goods. We ensure that every shipment, whether standard or expedited, arrives at its destination securely and on schedule. Trust LCS Logistics Solutions for reliable transportation solutions that meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Temperature-Controlled Transport

LCS Logistics Solutions goes above and beyond by providing specialized climate-controlled transportation services tailored specifically for temperature-sensitive products. Our dedicated fleet of vehicles is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to actively monitor and control temperatures throughout the journey, ensuring that your goods arrive at their destination in optimal condition. 

With comprehensive protection from freezing and other environmental factors, you can trust us to deliver your valuable cargo securely and reliably. Rest assured, your peace of mind is our priority as we strive to exceed your expectations with every shipment.

Flatbed Solutions

At LCS Logistics Solutions, our flatbed services are designed to meet a wide range of transportation needs with a variety of options available. We provide step decks, roll tights, double drops, RGNs (Removable Gooseneck Trailers), and specialized multi-axle trailers for heavy haul loads. These options ensure that we can handle your cargo, no matter the size or shape.

Our experienced logistics coordinators are ready to recommend value-added solutions tailored to your specific business objectives. Whether you need standard flatbed services or specialized equipment for heavy hauls, we ensure efficient and reliable transportation every time. Count on LCS Logistics Solutions to deliver your cargo safely and on schedule, meeting the highest standards of service and reliability.

Expedited Freight

Expedited freight services at LCS Logistics Solutions are tailored to streamline your shipping process, ensuring prompt and on-time delivery of your goods. Whether you need to ship a few pallets or a full truckload, our comprehensive coverage spans across the entire United States and Canada, allowing us to reach even the most remote destinations efficiently.

With our expedited services, you can count on LCS Logistics Solutions to meet your urgent shipping needs with unmatched efficiency and reliability. We prioritize the safety and timely delivery of your cargo, providing you with peace of mind for your logistics operations. Trust our experienced team to manage your expedited shipments and ensure your goods arrive quickly and securely at their destination.

With LCS Logistics Solutions, you can trust that your freight is in capable hands, ensuring smooth and timely deliveries every time.

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